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From Hogwarts to Gallifrey
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Scarlett Johansson for W Magazine screen test





Private Bainbridge

Also known as Dean Thomas from Gryffindor.

Also known as dAMN SON



A mostly chronological collection of almost every identifiable sentient species, machine, and entity—alien, or otherwise—encountered by…

The First Doctor (23 November, 1963—29 October, 1966)

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David Bowie
Space Oddity
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space oddity // david bowie

this is major tom to ground control
i’m stepping through the door
and i’m floating in a most peculiar way
and the stars look very different today

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If any potential Ariannes want to come and sit on the street you can email me at —Aimee Richardson (@Aimee_P_R)

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You’re twice the man I thought you were

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I think a large part of why Cersei is so unhappy with misogyny of Westeros society is because she can look at Jaime and realize that from a young age they were treated differently. And if she was Jaime how different her life would have ben.

She has a twin, who…

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Horrible Histories
Kings & Queens
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English Kings & Queens (since 1066) | Horrible Histories

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It’s very sad when a TV show that you used to love reaches the point where, instead of getting all excited and praising the writers and plots and characters for hours, the best thing you can honestly say when someone asks you about it is, “Well, hopefully they won’t fuck it up TOO badly…”


I am just trying to imagine someone praising Aliens of London for hours…

Come with me.

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Many Ladies wear it this way

are you a downton abbey enthusiast? are you talking about poor edith? honestly i got bored and stopped watching when they just destroyed mary's character development..



Enthusiast? More of I hate this show so much so I sometimes watch it.. First season was great.. second was good… Third? Let’s say end of 3x03 never happend. As a fan of Edith, Adith shipper (Edith/Anthony) and Branson shipper. Third season was bad… I never cared for Mary… I kinda shipped her with Iain Glen… they would make such great power couple.. Fourth season was a dissapointment Mary freaking Crawley feeding pigs? Soo yeah.. not a fan anymore.. When did you stop watching DA?

i stopped at the beginning of s04, as i said i got bored. I liked branson and sybil, and i shipped mr.papyrus (as we called ian glen) with mary, although i felt ashamed for doing so.I never got to see mary feeding pigs. What happened in 3×03?

Edith’s wedding… Such soap opera…

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If classic Doctor Who serials were named like episodes of Friends: The Web Planet

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